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Aweszome Exclusive

Silver Ring Mila

R 2,100.00


⁸Aweszome Solid Italian Quality  925 Sterling Silver 3-Band Ring.
Pink and White AAA Fine cut CZ Stones.

Front Width: 20mm

Pink CZ (AAA Fine Cut) Ring with Microsetting

Width 20mm

**Code Mila 925 Sterling Silver Exclusive Ring **Only the Best Quality Sterling Silver and best Craftmanship. Nickel Free. Allergy Free. Manufactured according to strict EU Regulations with the purest Silver and no harmful alloys, for your safety and to protect your health. Also, on top of the Solid 925 Silver, a 1 micron layer of Rhodium or White Gold for extra protection and shine. (For your convenience so You won’t have to polish your Aweszome ring so often.) We also use only AAA grade Fine Cut Stones that will not lose their Brilliance.


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